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Tuning: Pianos are tuned to A440 pitch and will be structurally evaluated before tuning. Ingrid also offers piano cleaning services in addition to tuning and repairs.

Regulation: As a piano gets played over the years, the felts and leathers of the action and keys become compressed, throwing off the responsiveness of the action. Adjustments must be made to the action to compensate for this and return the action to proper functioning.

Reconditioning: In order for the action to be properly regulated, parts need to be in proper working order. As the action gets a lot of use throughout the years, parts begin to wear out. Reconditioning, or replacement of parts helps to make the piano function as it is designed to.

Estimates: Evaluations for replacement costs for insurance purposes or sale or even major reconditioning or rebuilding work is available.

Humidity Control: It is important to keep humidity and temperature consistent in a home to protect the instrument. Full installation and a 5 year warranty are offered on all Dampp-Chaser Systems. Ingrid is a very experienced Certified Damp-Chaser Installer.

Voicing: Softening or hardening manipulations of the hammers are voicing techniques used to produces evenness and consistency of tone. These techniques can also bring up the brightness or mellow out the tone on a piano. 

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